OOTD: Zara Did Me Dirty

FUN FACT // PATHETIC FACT?: Whatever. The fact is, I have never, in my fashion-obsessed existence purchased an item from ZARA. #locomuch? Well, the tides have shifted my Fab. ZARA is simply a dream. Their brand + various lines are the definition of chic, unique, qual-it-tee fashion . After causally popping into my local ZARA Retailer, I turned to ask my new friend Gordon, ZARA Salesman-Extraordinaire, if I was in the Outlet. Nope, just in the middle of the most epic sale I’ve seen since my first visit to T.J. Maxx. So please, this is the time to polish that wardrobe of yours and decorate it with quality bargains from ZARA. Also note, be sure to visit a ZARA Retailer, as the SALE section on their site lacks the plethora of markdowns waiting for you to get your hands on. Get after it Fab! //

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