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Shopping online is about to become a whole lot easier on your wallet thanks to a money-saving Google extension called Honey

Automatically applies coupon codes to your shopping cart during checkout.This easy-to-install Chrome plugin works by automatically filtering the best promo codes at checkout for any given site you’re shopping. Ultimately saving you hack H on my wallet thanks to the money saving online shopping hack it’s time you hear about the online shopping hack that will save you money  easy-to-install Chrome plugin that. 

Coupon Queen //  money saving service just as sweet as the real deal. So sweet that I’ve saved thousands using this browser extension, supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout to thousands of websites. Honey also instantly gives cash bonuses on a ton of stores, finds better prices on Amazon, and pays you to save money.

What’s not to like? To get started, click here to install and add Honey to your browser. Once the extension is added, you’ll notice the Honey Icon in the top right corner of your browser. When you’re on a site that supports Honey, such as Macy’s, you’ll see that the Honey Icon turns orange. Check out the Honey Video showing what it looks like when you click on the icon:screen-shot-2016-11-27-at-8-32-14-pm

Now to the greatest part! When you’re at the checkout page, Honey will pop up asking if you want to check for savings. Click “Find Savings, ” and Honey will run all the promo and coupon codes in their database for that retailer. Whichever codes work for the items in your cart will automatically be applied, deducting the discounts from your total. Ultimately, saving you money with just a click of a button.

Not going to lie, it gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush when the codes are running through, and feels like hitting the jackpot when you see how much you’ve saved. Almost as if you’re gambling but with nothing to lose. I’ve seen over 200+ money saving codes run through one single site in less than a minute. Look below to see Honey give you a glimpse into how this looks and feels:

You can also ‘share a code’ at the bottom of the extension, but it isn’t required. I’ve started adding codes I find in promo emails or stumble across on websites. My way of “paying-it-forward,” ever since I randomly received an email from Honey with two $10 credits to Amazon enclosed.

These pleasantly unexpected Amazon credits can all be blamed on another fabulous aspect of Honey. Yep, it gets better. How? HoneyGold: Cash Bonus offers you receive from stores you purchased from using the service. What happens is, when the service makes a commission from your purchase, they split the earnings with you. As Honey puts it, “Think of it as getting paid to shop. 😃”


To get paid, activate your Cash Bonus by clicking on the “Find Savings!” button in your extension during check out. When you do this, you’ll receive “a surprise bonus,” (anywhere from 1–100% back from your purchase) in the form of HoneyGold.


Once you’ve completed your purchase, and saved a ton of money using the Honey extension, you’re HoneyGold from that transaction will appear within 3-10 days in your account, stay pending for >60 days, and post as soon as the merchant has verified your purchase. Please note that not all stores are a part of HoneyGold, but most major retailers are!

For every G1000 you collect in HoneyGold, you can redeem a $10 Amazon gift card! By the way, Honey recently announced they’re working on other cash-back bonuses and rewards for us!

So you Fab thing you; download Honey, add the extension to your desktop browser and make every single day Cyber Monday. No need to thank me, just be sure to do a little victory dance every time you see how much money you save! //





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