5 ways to dress-up on a budget

Dressing up // Though I may be a day late and perpetually a dollar short, ’tis the season for parties. Halloween marks the beginning of a slew of “Holiday Extravaganza.” In short, parties to celebrate just about anything and everything. Ugly Sweaters. Gift Exchanges. White Elephants. You name it; there will be a party for it.

The problem is: all this dressing up means dolluh-dolluh bills y’all. So how do we dress up, while not wasting all our money on a one-hit wonder? Otherwise known as an overpriced outfit we wear one time. Why? Well, after all of your friends + family pull out their iPhones, game over. The tags start rolling in + our fabulous holiday outfit has had it’s moment of glory. AKA: #onehitwonder. Don’t be discouraged! To keep things fresh,  I have outlined five solutions to dressing up while keeping the cost of your holiday attire down.

5 ways to DRESS UP on a budget:

  1. HAIR: For your more eccentric parties: throw on a wig. It’s just that simple. If the party isn’t quite that extravagant or wearing a wig is just not for you, simply put on a pair of cat ears and call it a day. Combined with makeup, you can wear whatever you want, and still look like you put in the time, effort, and money.
  2. MAKEUP: This is where your local drug store, or better yet, the Dollar Tree, comes into play. Pull up your favorite costume idea or look up on Pinterest or YouTube, + learn how to apply makeup in an entirely new way. Free tutorials anyone? #yasplease!
  3. BORROW: Most people are ‘hit-it-and-quit-it’ types when it comes to costume apparel. Plus, we as consumers have so much extra clothing lying around, it’s safe to say if you ask politely; most people will be happy to help. Need an ugly sweater for an upcoming holiday party? Ask your neighbor, your coworker, your best friend. Someone has the perfect one for you. Guaranteed.
  4. VINTAGE APPAREL: Ditch the trendy, overpriced vintage shops in larger cities. I recommend using Yelp to find some cool vintage shops off the beaten path, or better yet, go to The Salvation Army. Do a good deed, get creative, and have some fun with a one-of-a-kind stunning style.
  5. TRADE/SWAP: Trade with your friends. Swapping costumes, or clothes, is a win-win for everyone. Similar to borrowing, but without feeling like such a leech. It may be 2016, but the Barter System will never go out of style. Think of it as cleansing your closet while getting a new piece of clothing for free. Like I said, total win-win!

So Fab, dress it up! Have fun, get creative, +  use your resources: network, borrow, trade. Hey, you may even score a one-of-a-kind dud or learn a new makeup tip along the way. More than looking amazing, be proud of your creativity, ingenuity, + all of the money you’ll be saving this season! //






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