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Here we go, My Fabs:

Think bold. // As in bold colors, bold prints, bold styles… You with me? Now how does this sound for bold? A long-sleeve maxi dress with a slit up to your neck, + a vibrant elephant print that makes the backdrop of Chinatown look conservative. (Which just so happens to be the location where these photographs were shot, btw.) Pretty fun look, don’t you think? This Forever 21 gem of a dress is what I like to think of as my “I love you so much I hope I haven’t been photographed in it more than 5x because I wear it about that often…every month,” dress.

I have to credit a friend for this marvelous mustard of a maxi. I believe her exact words were, “Want to come with me to Forever 21? My sister bought this cool dress from there, + it looks great on everyone.” A trip to Forever 21? Would I like to tag along? That’s like asking if a gambler wants to go to the horse tracks, or if the sky is blue. This self-proclaimed Shopaholic + Forever 21 Junkie was all about it.

I have to say; my friend couldn’t have been more right on the money with her observation. Her 5’6′ svelt, busty frame looked KILLER in this dress. I threw it on + was sold immediately. Good price? √. Flattering? √. Comfortable? √. Amazing in every way? √, √, + √. Every time I wear this dress like I said before, has been put to “good use,” let’s just say. More compliments are received when sporting this particular style than any other piece of clothing I own…combined. Find a similar look here on (I consider this similar style an updated version of the maxi dress pictured above. The mustard + black floral print is very in this season, as is the M-slit.)

As for these shoes, I never intended to purchase these stunners. That said, I had always wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. These essentially just fell in my lap. Well, after a swipe of my credit card, but still. Nine West Outlet with the intention of purchasing a basic pair of black pumps for an event I had coming up. Well, my A.D.D. kicked in. Naturally, I went directly for the blue suede block heels on sale for less than $40.00. I was smitten, to say the least, + that hasn’t changed a bit. Who needs boring black pumps when you can have bright blue suede block heels instead?! (Well, I think the correct answer is just to get both. But that’s just my opinion.) You can find a similar pair of blue suede shoes here on Amazon. You’ll love them, trust me.

With this look, I was already in the mindset of, “the bolder, the brighter, the better.” That’s why adding this bright red Kate Spade Large Tote was a no brainer. Kate Spade has the BEST sales online, so please check out her selection of large totes here + grab one for a steal!

If more is more + more is even better. This outfit did it the very best. The main inspiration behind this outfit was Chinatown: where the vibrancy of the atmosphere pops with color + the energy alone is endless.

Which bring us to this: always be bold, My Fabs. Never boring. Simplicity is great, but don’t be shy to have some fun with your style. Nevermind the season is or current trends. What you put on your body is an art form. An art form I believe to be one of the highest forms of self-expression. We all deserve to make a statement. We all deserve to celebrate what makes us, well,  us. You do you, My Fabs. Be bold, be bright, be beautiful. //


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