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Hello My Lovely Fabs,

What a weekend, ay? After Sunday leaves and you wake up having to be a so-to-say ‘real person,’ in charge of tending to those gross things referred to as responsibilities, you know that you’ve already caught it. A wild, infectious, all-consuming case of the: “Mundane Mondays.” I for one suffer from a solid  “Case of the Mondays” about once a week. If anyone has heard of vaccinations against this disgusting day, please share with us in the comment box below.

Oddly enough, however, this Monday I had a different approach to my “starting the day with a typically pretty crappy attitude.” Instead, I made the mindful decision that I wasn’t going to let Monday crush my vibe. Having absolutely no interest in taking a seat on the post-weekend struggle bus, I decided to go for it. By going for it, I mean giving myself a boost of confidence and the ability to shrug the shrapnel from the weekend off my shoulders, all by simply dressing to the “Nines.” After uncovering my late Grandma’s Adrianna Pappel embellished jacket tucked away in a box full of clothes I never even knew existed, it was clear that there was a shift in the universe on this not-so-typical Monday Morning.

It was game time, and I was ready to play. My general rule of thumb: if it sparkles, shines, and talks to me. I want it. I need it. I’m getting it. Whatever I was going to put on underneath that gorgeous piece of artistry was the furthest thing from my mind.  The Adrianna Pappel piece was my focal point, and everything else simply fell into place. In all honestly, all that mattered was that this intricate, just stunning jacket was going to be riding along with me throughout each, and every, moment of my day. So after throwing on a simple, chic, classic boat-neck white dress from H&M, black suede booties, and of course, a bold pair of dark pink lips, I was feeling it. Just by throwing that vintage piece of art over my shoulders, I knew that this particular Monday would be anything but mundane.

Makes you think. If everything is just a mindset, a number, a perspective, or a choice: then why can’t you integrate a little Saturday into the other six days of the week?

With that, I will leave you with this: always remember that you create your reality. Mix and match classic styles with bold, eye-catching vintage or non-vintage one-of-a-kind pieces. After all, the world is your runway, and will forever be your oyster. #sparkleonfabulous


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