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About the Author: Alison Hansen is the ultimate London-based Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty Freelance Illustrator. As a well-known Fashion Illustrator and Textile Designer within the UK + USA, her talent + versatility speaks for itself. With an impressive list of upper-echelon clients and a vast array of expertise ranging from Fashion Illustration‬ to Textile Design‬, to Beauty Illustration, this woman can do it all!  After reading this article, taking a peek at the illustrations she created for the Fab Frugal Fashionista, and by visiting her site, do not feel guilty if your left in utter awe and have to pick up your jaw from the floor…it happens to the best of us. Do yourself a favor: CONTACT ALISON HERE. You most certainly be disappointed with her work, prices, and simply the amazing experience it is to work with her! 


An exciting opportunity to create fashion illustrations for blogger Kelly Jaeger

I was so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with San Francisco-based fashion and beauty blogger Kelly Jaeger. Kelly’s blog, Fab Frugal Fashionista is a fantastic bargain fashion blog, with tons of tips on how to still look stylish on a shoestring budget. I created some full-length figure fashion illustrations for Fab Frugal Fashionista, as well as a portrait illustration. The illustrations were used across Kelly’s social media, and on her Twitter and Facebook banners. They were also set to feature on her Fab Frugal Fashionista blog. We began with Kelly showing me some clear and high-resolution reference photos of herself. She had some really gorgeous ones of her taken that show off some great views of her native San Francisco. Using these photos I was able to work up some clear fashion sketches. Most fashion illustrators do need to work from reference photos to create fashion illustrations. Only a few very gifted individuals are lucky enough to be able to create poses and illustrations completely out of their heads. I myself think that whatever works is the best way to go ! Here are some of the gorgeous reference photos of Kelly Jaeger.

fashion illustrations of Kelly Jaeger

fashion illustrations of Fab Frugal Fashionista

Creating the fashion illustrations for Fab Frugal Fashionista

First of all, I did a lot of pencils sketching from Kelly’s photos to get the poses right….. No matter what style you choose to illustrate in, I think it should always be anatomically correct! Then I inked up the pencil drawings with pen and ink…. I scanned these black and white pen drawings into Photoshop and then cleaned them all up. I then painted up some water colour washes separately and scanned those into Photoshop too…. This way I was able to maintain the quality of the black and white line work but have the freedom to experiment with watercolour…In Photoshop I then merged the water colour and the black and white drawings… I find this is a good way to experiment with water colour but not ruin your black and white line drawings. I like the way the final fashion illustrations came out, and we then discussed how to use them on the Fab Frugal Fashionista Facebook and Twitter banners.

Creating social media banners from the fashion illustrations

Kelly had a particular concept in mind…. She liked the idea of using the graffiti from the original reference photos. But we thought it might be fun to do some graffiti art that related to her bargain fashion blog. The whole point of Fab Frugal Fashionista is to show people ways to look effortlessly stylish on a smaller budget. So Kelly gave me some suggestions of items to draw, that could appear as graffiti on the wall behind her. I also had a look through Kelly’s Instagram feed, to find things that were a part of Kelly’s signature style. We took the fashion illustrations of Kelly and then added the graffiti items onto the wall. We also played around with different font types to create Kelly’s Fab Frugal Fashionista logo. We looked at Da Font, which is a great resource if you are looking for lots of different original fonts. Once we had all of the items we needed to create the social media banners, it was a case of researching the exact measurements for Facebook and Twitter banners. It took quite a bit of tweaking to get the banners into the exact right layouts. I would recommend finding a banner template from the internet, and using those. Then to complicate things further, the banners for Facebook appeared differently on a mobile phone to on a computer, so we had to reconfigure the Facebook banner all over again! It’s a well know fact that most people search things and look at things on their phones, so the layout for the phone became more important than the layout for the computer. Here are the final fashion illustrations for Fab Frugal Fashionista, I hope you like them!

fashion illustrations for Fab Frugal Fashionista

portrait illustration of Fab Frugal Fashionista

fashion illustrations for bloggers

Are you a fashion blogger that would like some fashion illustrations done?

Why not go to Kelly’s blog and social media and have a look at how the fashion illustrations for Fab Frugal Fashionista turned out? If you are a fashion blogger that wants some fashion illustrations or portraits done of yourself, why not check out my fashion illustration portfolio? Fashion illustrations are a great way to strengthen your brand and catch people’s attention. I have illustrated for numerous bloggers in fashion and beauty. Why not have a look at my fashion illustration and my portraits services pages. If you would like any illustrations done, please do get in touch!


Thank you, Alison!

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