Who Is Your Yellow Rose?

YELLOW ROSESIMG_6243“Yellow Roses.”// Style in many ways is a form of symbolism. Whether it is a brand you are wearing, a graphic image on the back of your jean jacket, or a message on your graphic tee. Symbols are powerful, which is the reason I chose to shift focus away from my “#ootd” + concentrate on the strong, intelligent, loyal, beautiful, and supportive women in my life through the power of symbolism. Yellow Roses. A color and flower that combine to symbolize friendship. Life is full of ups and downs, + as I’ve said many times, we’re here to create a platform to speak our truth + celebrate our self-expression.

I was told last week by a stranger to speak my truth. This statement has been replaying in my mind constantly so here I am to speak my truth. I have experienced the toughest days of my entire life throughout the past few months. Speculation, rumors, guilt, shame, insecurity. I felt like my life was over. The truth is I’m battling health issues, which took months of speculation and horrible misdiagnoses to discover. But what saved me?

2 things saved me: 

  1. FASHION: Through creating a platform to SPEAK + DISPLAY my truth, I’m able to express myself through symbolism + hope that through writing and imagery I am empowering others. Fashion + style remind me of my purpose, my passion, and the happiness that fills my soul when I am tapping into my creativity + innate love. Most of all, the rewarding feeling that overwhelms me when I reply to a message that helps + inspires another, even if it is a simple question regarding what looks best with a denim skirt or what accessory should be paired with this dress. Purpose and passion saved me.
  2. FRIENDSHIP: Life is not always cupcakes, sprinkles, and god damn unicorns. Although sometimes it is. So please, take advantage of it and remember to live your truth. When we log into Instagram we are flooded by images of perfection. I am guilty of these “aspirational” photos. But here is the truth, we’re  humans. We all struggle. We all have moments of weakness. But you know what else we have? We have a Yellow Rose. That Yellow Rose is that friend, family member, or maybe a stranger you can relate to that is there for you. There is always someone that is there. No judgment, no hate, just support. Remember your Yellow Rose is always a text, phone call, Gchat, or email away. Your Yellow Rose loves you no matter what. If your Yellow Rose isn’t there, I am. Please send me a message. Anonymous or not, I am here for you. Fashion tips, style advice, boy troubles, depression, anxiety, health issues, family issues, etc. I am a message away.

We all possess a gift. We all have a purpose in life. Fashion, style, + spreading the message of empowerment is what I believe is mine. So reflect on this: What is yours? What do people come to you for and why? Who inspires you? Who has been there for you through thick and thin?

2 things I challenge you to do:

  1. FIND YOUR GIFT: Think about your gift + your purpose. What fuels you to get out of bed? Tap into that gift and see where it takes you.
  2. THANK YOUR YELLOW ROSE: Let’s remember we always have a Yellow Rose. He or she is there to empower, support, and love you. Thank your Yellow Rose.

So to you Fab Yellow Roses; thank you. // Remember that you have a gift and that you always have a Yellow Rose. To truly live is to find your passion + to realize that you have the power to be someone else’s Yellow Rose. Let’s empower ourselves and each other; today and always. 


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