Do I Have to Take It Off?

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“Capsule Wardrobes”// If you’re up-to-date on fashion trends, + I’m not referring to the return of the denim skirt, I’m referring to an actual fashion movement, then you’ve heard the term, “Capsule Wardrobe” before. For those of you who are like, “What does putting you clothes in a capsule + burying it in the backyard have to do with fashion?” Please take 2 minutes out of your day to watch this video created by Caldwell which beautifully answers questions such as: “What the hell is a Capsule Wardrobe?” + “What is the purpose of doing it?”

Capsules by Caldwell

Enjoy the video? Hope so! Naturally, as a believer in trying everything once. // Well, almost everything. // I partook in my very own Capsule Wardrobe Challenge this week. Being that this experiment is flexible regarding the # of items + duration of days you choose to partake in this challenge, I kept it simple. // Less is more, right? //  Instead of re-doing my entire wardrobe, 3 days of styling the same Black Crop Top in 3 very different ways was ideal.  The item I chose was this Black Crop Top for 3 reasons: VERSATILITY, SIMPLICITY,  + the off the shoulder look is very ON-TREND.  Comfortable + basic; I knew this would make my 3-day challenge effortless. Which is ideal for us busy ladies, or in my case, lazy lady.

Because the “Capsule” // fashion lingo, obvi // challenges us to choose versatile pieces, it’ll surprise you how many ways you can style the same piece. Plus, it feels amazing to tap into our creative side. And I mean, really? Who is going to notice that you’ve been wearing the same item, say this Black Crop Top, 3x in one week, aside from maybe your mom? No one. If they do, thank them for being so attentive. I refer to these versatile, classic basics which are meant to be part of our Capsule as “Staples.” Why? Story time:

Back in college, my 2 friends + I had a basic, off the shoulder, ultra-flattering Michael Starrs shirt which we wore on rotation like it was our job. One of us could be seen wearing it any given weekend night. // Thank (Creator of your Choice) clothes can’t talk by the way. // We loved our dear Staple enough to even name her: THE STAPLE. Very “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” of us, if you will. When we felt gross, mainly due to our excess alcohol + binge eating Nacho consumption. All of which were regular occurrences on any given Saturday or Sunday morning at 2 am, we knew the staple would never let us down the following (bloated) night. 

The Staple saved me. She saved my ego. She saved me time. No longer throwing on 15 tops only to be left frustrated + unsatisfied, she was my go-to choice. She saved my budget; well minus the continued habit of spending $11 on nachos (BTW: serving size: It was 4,) but that’s irrelevant. The relevance is that the Staple made life easier. We could always count on her, like a best friend. Except she’ll never get mad at you for drunkenly eating her portion of the nachos you promised to split.  

So My Fabs,  invest in your very own staple, this Black Crop Top is my recommendation. // For 15% off using PROMO CODE: FABFRUGAL at checkout, you can snag this 100% Modal top for under $20. // My last suggestions are to enjoy your new STAPLE, + to never be afraid to order those nachos. #YOLO!


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