THRIFT STORE FIND OF A LIFETIME:”If It’s Good Enough for Marilyn, It’s Good Enough for Me.”

These dresses are for Teen’s, yes, but they still run EXTREMELY small! In fact, the dress I own is a size 10. I typically wear a 0 or 2, so through this shocker left me researching into the evolution of sizing in the United States. Still baffled by the sizing! //
This 1950s ORIGINAL SEMITEEN VINTAGE DRESS was purchased for $14.00 at Violets Are Blue Consignment Shop in Placerville, CA in May 2016. //

“Consignment Finds.” // To be honest, I never was much of a thrift store or consignment store shopper, otherwise known as “THRIFTING.” Well, how things have changed once I discovered how:. History + Fashion collide through quality, unique, one-of-a-kind treasures! The two subjects are much more intertwined than we often think about; which is one reason why ‘thrifting’ is like visiting a Museum. A way to learn about the era that influenced that piece of fashion, + the way fashion influenced that particular era. It’s disgustingly fascinating!

Being a pack rat, just with clothes…and sunglasses, and jewelry, and shoes, essentially anything fashion related. I do not give away very many clothes. When I do; I ALWAYS donate; which we all should do. But consigning? This was an unexplored territory that I just dipped my feet into last month. Currently, the top-rated Consignment Store, Violets Are Blue, in Placerville, CA is selling a top, dress, and one pair of Ray Ban’s I was just holding onto for absolutely no reason at all. So I figured, hell, why not sell!? A quick YELP search + 30 minute appointment later, Miss Rose took 4 out of the 20+ spring/summer items in exhange for a 3 month contract. 60/40, in her favor, which can be paid out in the form of check or credit. Credit? Why would I want that? Well, I saw real quick why Violets Are Blue is rated the #1 Consignment in Placerville, CA. A city in the foothills of Lake Tahoe, CA where gold was discovered only nine miles away. Referred to as “Hangtown” because during the Gold Rush because criminals were hung from the Bell Tower, which still stands tall in the center of town. // So, why do I hang in Hangtown? // My Pop’s happens to live  fifteen minutes north of this historical Mecca. By historical Mecca, I am referring to the Antique + Consignment Shops that litter Main Street. Instead of saying, “If only these walls could talk!,” I often say, “If only this dress, or this purse, could talk!”


Like I said, Miss Denise only selected the BEST OF THE BEST of the 20+ clothing + accessories I brought to her. She decided to select only four out of the twenty+ items I brought in + was not planning on selling any one item for more than $32.00. // Makes you realize why her /the clientele is leaving her those 5 *’s on YELP. You go, Denise! // Of course, I was there to make money, but put a Shop-A-Holic in the middle of a 5* Yelp-Rated store full of top-notch quality BARGAINS, displaying the ‘Cream of the Crop Vintage Fashion Pieces’ from every era of American Fashion..Honey, we’re just askin’ for trouble. Thankfully, this Original Semi-Teen Yellow + White Dress, which is an original brand from the 50s + 60’s // which I’ll mention is difficult to track down to multiple forms of spelling // is the ONLY item I allowed myself to snag. // Pls, hold your applause, or don’t! // It was just too cute. Too classic. Too perfect. Too original.

MarilynsCloset on EtsyIf shopping isn’t your jam, but history +/or fashion is. Take a stroll // or scroll // online through Etsy→ Vintage→ Clothing. You’ll find online marketplaces full of vintage clothing, with every detail listed from brand to era to fabric to exact measurements. Start here by checking out MaryilynsCloset on Etsy. Her dresses are as  cute as her Logo! // MarilynsCloset Logo

So Fabs, give it a whirl! // Instead of heading to your typical Department Store, go ‘THRIFTING’ with a friend. When we ‘Thrift,’ we learn, imagine, + have the honor of continuing the legacy of whomever that particularly fabulous lady was that wore that piece prior to our discovery. Consider it our duty to keep these legacies alive. Or just have some fun finding original bargains made from a time where quality mattered, and the degree of effort which went into each piece far surpasses those of today.



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DRESS: An Original Semitee’N Fashion Vintage Dress in Yellow + White, $14.00 from Violets Are Blue Consignment, Vintage, Antique Shop

SUNGLASSES: Vida Cat Eye Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell, £22.95 from Framed Sunglasses Boutique

LIPS: Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Petunia // $7.79 from Walmart

SHOES: Buckled Faux Leather Sandals in Nude // $19.90 from Forever 21 similar here

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