Hello Bell Bottoms: “We Could All Use a Little More FLARE in Our Lives”

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Bell Bottoms// They are back, baby! I mean, how fabulous are flares? Everyone could use a little extra ‘flare’ in their life, so this recently rediscovered 70’s trend is spicing up store racks everywhere! These wide bottomed pants flatter all shapes + sizes, which is a HUGE selling point. Why is this? Simple: The flared bottoms do exactly the opposite of what the ‘Skinny Jeans’ we’ve been used to for nearly a decade do, make you look like an inverted triangle if we are built like real women. Bell Bottoms//Flares, whichever term you choose to use to reference this pant style balances out our thighs, hips, and booty. Think booty-bottom balance. // LOVE. IT. //  Not to mention, the wide VARIETY this style now comes in. No longer are Bell Bottoms simply jeans/denim, My Fabs. Retailers everywhere are stocking their shelves with flares made of various materials, colors, prints, and most importantly, varying “degrees” of flare. Take these Hello Bell Bottoms I’m wearing, // or should I say living in, // from StyleMandCo. // this chic, well-priced online boutique I stumbled upon on Instagram. Being the total creepy #fashion IG stalker that I am, I (surprisingly…or not so surprisingly) came across a post by @stylemandco + started scrolling down this Miami-based online retailer’s feed to discover an array of unique, totally saucy items offered. The first post I saw actually happened to feature the Hello Bell Bottoms I am wearing in the photo above. Of course, I wanted everything that was posted, but I’m a #bargainblogger remember? Meaning one must always keep #budget in mind. However, end of discussion: I didn’t just REALLY, REALY WANT these Hello Bell Bottoms, // REALLY, REALLY NEEDED these Hello Bell Bottoms. I figured they’d be super expensive since they’re from a chic online boutique but, // I was wrong! The pants were only $28.00! Now, I REALLY, REALLY…//

Right away, I figured they’d be super expensive since they’re from a chic online boutique but I was totally blown away when I saw these pants retailed for, // I was wrong! The pants were only $28.00! Now, I REALLY, REALLY…// you get the point // NEEDED these Bell Bottoms! When you need something you have to have it, right? Right. So I did…and the rest is flared-out fabulous history. These soft print knitted wide leg pants are more comfortable (+ obviously cuter) than pajamas. Plus, are as fun + funky as they are #fab.

True story: // I wore them to an event one night, dressed up with fringe booties, a chic blue sheer top, + a plethora of gold accessories. Wellllll, aside from getting a trillion compliments, I ended up sleeping in them as well. It didn’t stop there; I ended up wearing them the entire next day (+ again to bed) I know #hygeine Kelly, hygiene. But, they’re just so comfortable + cute. That, + I #DGAF’ed. Surprisingly, this particular print goes with much more than you think. Take my outfit above for example. Who would think an “I’D RATHER BE SLEEPING” Graphic Tee would go with such a fun print? Why not I say! Mix + match your heart away, My Fabs!

Now hurry + go check these banging bell bottoms out. Be sure to click on the link here for your very own pair. They’re flying off the shelves, + there are only a very select FEW left, // so order now!  Be sure to use the PROMO CODE: FABFRUGAL so you receive an additional 15% off, making them only $23.80. Can we say…#bargain? Lastly, if you sign up for their StyleMandCo.com List, you’ll receive 50% off your first order. Is this for real? Yep, it is My Fabs. Savings are coming down on us like rain here + we. do. not. hate. it.

So remember My Fabs, // FLARES // AKA Bell Bottoms // are FIERCE, FLATTERING, + OF COURSE FABULOUS. Get yourself a pair. You won’t be disappointed.


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BOTTOMS: Hello Bell Bottoms in Multi-Print, $28.00 from Style MandCo // use PROMO CODE: FABFRUGAL for 15% off!

TOP: “I’D RATHER BE SLEEPING” Graphic Tee in Black + White, $12.99 from Etsy

SHOES: Sbicca Women’s Sound Boots in Khaki, $69.95 on Amazon

LIPS: Lipstick in UP THE AMP, $17.00 from MAC COSMETICS

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