Take a Guess: “Is IT a Maxi Dress for Less?”

Jumpsuits.”// Imagine wearing your favorite maxi dress but without having to cross your legs to ensure you aren’t exposing your “VAJAYJAY” // Kudos to Oprah + her producers for coming up with cleveIMG_3005r, catchy terms appropriate for daytime television. // My point is, we all know that Maxis are the cat’s meow. They are one of the most fabulous fashion facade out there. When we slip one on, we look feminine + put-together. Realistically, though, the truth is we were probably too lazy to put even a tank + jeans together or were too hot or felt too fat to imagine even wearing anything else but a breathable dress. Yep, we’re all fakers; BY FAKERS,  WHAT I MEAN IS THAT WE’RE STARTING TO ACT LIKE TRUE FASHIONISTAS. //

So Maxi Dresses are freaking fabulous. That we’ve already established. Well, I have news thaIMG_3029t will rock your world. My approach to life is, “I like to look fabulous while putting in the most minimal effort possible.” Based on your feedback, I think we agree on this general approach to our life. So what did I find that align PERFECTLY with our approach of looking fab without putting in an ounce more effort than needed? It’s called the WIDE- LEG JUMPSUIT. As we already know, the styles of the 1970s are back in full swing. With that comes a plethora of gorgeous dresses, + now gorgeous JUMPSUITS. Exactly like maxi’s, these jumpsuits come in all designs, cuts, prints, fabrics, you name it; that maxi + now jumpsuit is out there to suit your soul. Often confused with a maxi upon first glance, you’ll blow at least one mind or two when you step forward to reveal you’re wearing pants. It’s almost like a historical moment for us women. Functionality + feminity have collided in a major way. How exciting is that?

So My Fabs, // we’ve found the maxi dresses of all maxi dresses. Except it isn’t a maxi dress at all. It’s all about the illusion + freedom that comes along with a wide-legged jumpsuit. Forever 21 is a great retailer to purchase your first full-length, wide leg jumpsuit. Add a belt for some flare, a chunky accessory or five. Just be sure to do one thing: have some fun with this feminine, functional fashion.


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.53.27 PM




P.S.  JUMPSUITS: How are we feeling about this Maxi’s quirky cousin? Would you rock it? How does it compare to the traditional Maxi? Is it a “Major Yay” or  “Oh hell no Nay” for you? So much we want to know! We want to hear your insight, so please, let us know by commenting below!





BELT: Madden Girls 3 Belt Set: Thin Belt in Dark Brown, $9.99 for entire set available at your local T.J. Maxx Retailor

PURSE: Leather/ Suede Crossbody Bag in Ivory , $29.99 from T.J. Maxx Retailor        click here for exact style

SHOES: Pebbled Faux Leather Sandals in Brown, $17.90 from Forever 21


JUMPSUIT: Contemporary Abstract Tie-Dye Jumpsuit in Ivory/Navy, $27.90 from Forever 21

NECKLACE: Faux Stone Filigree Necklace in Silver/B. Turquoise, $22.90 from Forever 21 

BRACELET: Vintage Silver + Turquoise Belt being worn as a wrap bracelet, from my personal collection 

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6 thoughts on “Take a Guess: “Is IT a Maxi Dress for Less?”

    1. You totally can! Especially when you add a belt at the smallest part of your waist. Plus, they’re so wide-legged that this shouldn’t be an issue if your sizing is correct. It’s all just about finding the right pair! Forever 21 + H&M are great places to start hunting! Plus, don’t forget about slit-up-the-side maxis! They’re everywhere this season. Ultra flattering + oober comfy. This is always a great alternative to your average A-line full-length maxi dress. Check out this side-slitted, adjustable empire-waist maxi from Forever 21 here: http://bit.ly/1t4XcVu. They will restock sizes soon. I bought this dress yesterday + it’s REALLY flattering. No cutouts or see-thru anything, just a simple boho dress that gives you a silhouette without being too tight or way too oversized. Also, peek these two Wide-Legged Jumpsuits from H&M: http://bit.ly/1RSi9qE + http://bit.ly/1VAgHQx.

    1. I’m with you, Lauren! As much as I will always ❤ a good ole’ Maxi Dress, I am falling for these quirky alternatives. Especially since they’re practical, and come in all different colors, prints, + added detail // like this back!// #bohemianfab

  1. Major yay! I love the look of this jumpsuit, especially on you! You have incredible style and saving tips. Can you go shopping for me? That turquoise necklace is everything! Such a great simple and comfortable look for summer. Loving reading your blog.

    1. Thanks so much Miss Hayley! It’s readers like you that get me so excited about sharing tips + tricks on how to save. I absolutely love + appreciate your positive feedback. I do Personal Styling Full-Time, + as a hobby as well. For styling help, please message me directly by clicking on CONTACT from the menu above->filling out the Message Form w/ your email address + a detailed message outlining what’s going on in your Fashion World. I’m always here to help! Look forward to hearing from you soon, Lovely!

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