Frugal Fashion Tips: “6 Easy Ways to Save”

“Saving $$$.” // I mean, who doesn’t love to save some of your precious earned money? it must be written in our D.N.A somewhere. Scientist I am not, but Savvy Saver I most definitely am. Today, I was particularly intrigued by a post I read on Bloglovin’ outlining “How to Save Money as a Fashion Blogger,” by the amazing Débora Rosa. Miss Rosa is the Editor of FashiionGoneRouge + the points she listed were, well, really on point. So on-point in fact, I realized that these tips aren’t restricted just to fashion bloggers, but to ALL of you FABS as well. These wise words of wisdom, which I have revised + added to, are sure ways to get you the hottest piece you’ve been drooling over for what feels like forever, or get your hands on that one piece way over your budget. So, let’s roll ↓:

  1. Friends swap:  Swapping among friends, especially the friends that always have the best new items, can be fun. Plus, you’ll save money on that piece that you only want to wear a few times.
  2. Recycling: This is a fab way to get a ‘good’ wear out of all your clothes. It’s all about creativity; you can use the same pair of black jeans by mixing and matching accessories, change up the shoes, add fedora hat, swap the leather jacket for a blazer. Get creative + experiment!
  3. Save items in your online basket:  If you see items you love online but want to get them for cheaper, just add them to your shopping cart + wait for them to go on sale.
  4. Off-season pieces:  Try to buy Winter pieces in Summer + vice versa. You will save TONS doing this. I’m happy to share how I do this, just comment below to find out more.
  5. Sell: If you have unworn or lightly used clothes, sell them online or to local consignment shops.
  6. Get discounts: Certain online stores offer discounts or samples for certain people, i.e., students, etc. Also, online retailers are always running PROMOTIONS so simply shoot a quick email to their Customer Support asking if they’re offering any PROMOS at that time. Hey, it never hurts to ask!
Photo Credit: Allyson Payer

Now go swap that dress // the one you’ve been photographed in a thousand times // with a friend whose leather jacket has always been your fave; or purchase that chic Daniel Wellington Watch you’ve had your eye on for months.

So my Fabs, // do you have any other tips on ways to save that you’d care to share? If so, please comment below!


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