HIPPY DIPPY: “Fringe + Feathers”

“Trends” // like almost, well, everything, are cyclical. Meaning trend(s)/styles we saw being worn decades ago (+ of which we most likely made fun of) are now popping up everywhere as the new “it” look; being recycled + readopted into our current “Look of the Season” by every major fashion label, brand, + editorial around. Alexa Chung, British fashion model + TV personality, said it best with this beautiful statement:

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To Alexa’s credit, the girl couldn’t be more on point. For those of us not old enough to have lived through the socially tumultuous, yet completely fashionably epic 1970s-now is our chance. There is nothing like the Au natural, free-spirited, whimsical yet earthy vibes that the styles produced throughout this decade create for all of us. Spring 2016 Fashion Trends seem to agree + have ditched the overdone glam only to replace these styles with looks that return us back to our  ‘roots.’ // By roots, think earth tones, braids, fringe, feathers, accessories made of raw elements such as stone gems + beads.//

This riveting, very defined style was a bit of a shock, at least for myself. It is bold. Although not overdone in a “glamorous” type of way. It essentially means that anything goes. Hats? Sure! L5385c5_36b9da0a0c9947e4b53b8a0672074c4cong, layered accessories? Okay! Oh, you want to wear four necklaces instead of just one? Totally fine! Take the earrings I’m wearing in this post for example. Are oversized feathers from a gigantic bird really hanging out of my ears? Is this a look, or even a “thing” sane people do? Again, not only are they a “thing,” but they’re a pretty freakin’ cool “thing.” If you’re asking yourself are feathers really in? Can I rock them, can I not? The answers are YAS + YAS! I’ve been rockin’ these PRO Base One Pair Natural Feather Peacock Earrings, which retail for $3.99 +Free Shipping from Amazon // no Amazon Prime necessary, by the way, // for over 2+ years! They’re synthetic Peacock Feathers, to my knowledge Peacocks still exist, so why can’t I wear their faux (or are they real? #IRRELEVANT) feathers? Plus, they’re as light as a…I’ll let you finish that sentence + laugh your heart out at that ridiculously amazing pun.

As for this embroidered white + blue linen top, I actually found this when an advertisement for clothes under $20.00 popped up on my Facebook. (Clearly, they saw my Cookies + knew what I was into…if you know what I mean) on a site called RoseGal.Check out this similar look: Ethnic Style Spaghetti Strap Cut Out Embroidered Women’s Blouse on their website for only $19.27. However, before you feast your eyes on this site, please read ↓:


  • SIZE ↑ ALWAYS.If you typically wear a SMALL, order a MEDIUM or LARGE.
  • DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, purchase a romper, jumpsuit, or dress from this site unless you are under 5’0 tall. // I’ve learned this the hard way + two re-gifted rompers later. // 
  • Don’t blame me if you find yourself lost in a world of ridiculously adorable clothing items.
  • THINK about the sizing and quality or you’ll get carried away.
  • BE SELECTIVE. Please do not go overboard with your first order. Dip your toes in by purchasing one SIZED ↑ item. 
  • Once your first order has arrived + you are as happy as a clam, then by all means, I recommend diving in head first. 

Jeans, Denim. Denim, Jeans. Let’s get out of the water and dive right back into America’s favorite casual wear. These somewhat edgy looking acid-washed straight-legged jeans are 5385c5_40af751fee204808a515c81955fa8cbfgood ole’ American favorites. // Levi’s Strauss. These Levi’s® 505™ Straight Leg Jeans I’m featuring are in the ‘Ambiance’ wash, currently on sale via Levi’s website for $37.00, originally $44.50!. // BARGAIN! // These mid-rise straight legs are made up of primarily cotton + viscose, making them as comfy as can be. Additional perk: Levi’s offers a wide variety of inseam choices. If you decide to go a bit longer than usual, which is a good idea when it comes to straight leg styles, roll up these classic babies once or twice + pair them with ANY shoe. I personally love myself a good bootie, but do your thing! Since anything + everything goes here, try some pointed flats, wedges, EVEN some colorful wedges, lace up peep toe pumps, or classic oxfords to Funk. Things. Up. When you’re wearing this particular wash, you’re already making a subtle statement, so to heck with it. The perfect example of when you ditching the “Less is more” rule is A-OKAY.

Speaking of // “Less is more” + “More is more” rules, let’s talk about booties. Not our backside silly, the shoes. Who has heard of the shoe brand  ‘Report?’ Yeah, neither had I, but that’s what makes Amazon.com so UNBELIEVABLY fabulous. 5385c5_50b7f49d6eef492cb0e99c65312daae4Well, ONE of the reasons. These Report Women’s Myka Boots pull off both the suede and genuine wooden heel look, which is why I love them, and you will too, My Fab. They’ll cost ya $34.97 at Nordstrom Rack. Not exactly breaking the bank for a set of comfortable booties with a versatile heel height + color.

To wrap things up, I have to share with you that my biggest annoyance is an inexpensive bootie with a faux wooden heel that LOOKS as FAUX. I mean, I’m all for a faux wooden heel because that means I’m saving some major $$$, but there are TONS of faux wooden heeled booties out there that actually resemble real wood. This is where the lesson comes in. Please always keep in mind the difference between a “GOOD PRICE” and a “BARGAIN.” These differences are outlined ↓:


BARGAIN: ALSO REFERRED TO AS A QUALITY, WELL-MADE, BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF FASHION PURCHASED AT A RATHER LOW PRICESometimes this means a sale item, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it means a designer label, sometimes it doesn’t. QUALITY is what reigns supreme. We, as Bargainistas, will continue to hone in on our skills and know when the time is to save, which is most of the time; but when the time is appropriate to splurge. Just please keep in mind:

“It’s not about the label, it’s about the look” xx, Kel.

I hope you feel more grounded now that you’ve learned more about this recycled, earthy style, and the essential have been put down in writing for us to always go back to! Now that we’ve gotten back to our roots let’s get wild! It’s time for some REALLY fun posts, videos, tutorials, pics, and other goodies to begin! ground rules to being the best Fabulous Fashionista + Banging Bargainista!

Just remember My Fabs, // fringe & feathers are in. Rock them with swag and confidence, which I trust you will. // Feel fabulous, freakishly frisky, + always stay true to your roots.


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TOP: Ethnic Style Spaghetti Strap Cut Out Embroidered Women’s Blouse in White, $19.27 from RoseGal

BOTTOMS: 505 Straight Leg Denim in Ambiance, $37.00 from Levi’s® Strauss

EARRINGS: PRO Base One Pair Natural Feather Peacock Earrings, $3.99 + Free Shipping from Amazon

SHOES: Report Women’s Myka Boots in Tan, $12.99 + Shipping from Rakuten.com


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