Show Some Skin: “The Right Way”

“Classy.” // Never been a fan of the description, adjective, whatever you want to call it. The term is overused & abused; most often by people who are the exact opposite of the Webster Dictionary’s definition. The truth is, My Fab, why be classy when you can be so many other things? // Regal, elegant, glamorous, show-stopping, the list is limitless. What’s truly amazing, is that you can be sexy while still maintaining your feminine sophistication by showing some skin. You just have to do it the right way. By, “the right way,” we’re talking in a show-stopping, effortless, chic way. Slutting it up doesn’t mean sacrificing your elegance. You can expose parts of your birthday suit and still be as regal as Queen Elizabeth. Okay, maybe more like Kate Middleton, but that’s even BETTER! Plus, it DOES NOT MATTER if you’re a size 00 or 22+. Let me tell you why…CoCo Chanel shamelessly stated, “Always walk like you have three men behind you.” Damn straight Coco! #PREACH. IMG_1928The trick to showing off some skin // the right way // is as simple as this: flaunt your best asset, or two, while keeping the rest of your fab self-covered.LESSON #1: // “Less is more.” LESS: If you want to look sexy, show off some skin by flaunting your best asset(s). Only one or two asset(s). No more, pls. MORE: Keep the rest covered up, other than your exposed asset(s), it’s actually sexier to cover up the rest, rather than putting all your goodies on display. // ie: Think of this concept from a man’s perspective, Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free.” So be selective, and don’t just give “it” away.

To achieve the ultimate skin-bearing look, start by thinking about your favorite anatomical asset(s) // AKA: // What’s your favorite body part? I know as soon as you read that sentence you already knew the answer. Why? Because we’re women, and every one of us Fabs has over-analyzed each + every angle, detail, and mm of our body more times than we’ve said our own name. Good thing is, there is always one part of our body that we (hopefully) are proud of. After confirming your confidence in this anatomical asset, if there are more than 2, please decide what it is you want, or feel, like putting on display. // Always keep in mind that you need to be at least 95% confident exposing this goody no matter what. There’s nothing worse than a girl who lacks confidence in what she’s wearing. It also means that you’ve thought about it enough, + even after a drink or two…you’re still going to be confident with bearing your midriff…or feel okay seeing the pictures on Instagram the next morning. 🙂IMG_1949Okay. // So, do you have a stellar rack? A J-Lo booty? Sticks that won’t quit? Abs you can bounce a quarter off of? Hell, it can be as simple as your décolletage. // Dumbed-down DEFN: The area of your chest where your necklaces land. // Just in case, you were under the impression I was making up words again. //

What next? Keep the rest covered. Let’s use this look as the perfect example, shall we?  I have no particular qualms with my stems or waist. // Ask me about my bra or shoe size and it’s a whole new ball game, My Fab. // But really, I am comfortable showing off my stems, scarred-up knees, bandaids, bruises, and all. Even exposing a little flesh at the thinnest part of my waist is A-OK with muah. Showing off both is a lot of flesh to feast on, I admit it, but it worked. So why did it work, and what did I do to make sure I didn’t look like I was Hugh Grant’s hooker you ask? First, I made sure that my shorts were HIGH-WAISTED. A low, or even mid-rise bottom // shorts, skirt, pants, denim, etc. AND a crop top, umm…not cute. I’m not Britney circa 2005 and neither are you. // If you need to take a moment to mourn this sad reality I completely understand. // So please keep the rise of your bottoms (and standards) HIGH in cases such as these.IMG_1941LESSON #2: // When showing off both stems & stomach, keep the rise of your bottoms HIGH. No matter your size or stature, keep it high or ditch the look entirely. 

So what about this Forever 21: Side Cutout Crop Top, you ask? Well first, it’s tight, so please wear a bra…nude preferably. We’re keepin’ it regal as royalty here, right? This top is tight, so thankfully, the high neckline allows for cleavage coverage, and more stomach room to bear.WORDS OF WISDOM: // Never purchase a bandeaux, wear it without a top over it, and think you’re going to pull this look off. Why? I’ll keep it simple. If you have boobs-they’ll look saggy. If you don’t have boobs, whatever is there, will look saggy. Trust me from personal experience. 

Lastly, since this is a sleeveless top, keep your arms covered. This doesn’t mean sacrificing your silhouette by throwing on an oversized cardigan. Not at all. NEVER. EVER. SACRIFICE YOUR SILHOUETTE. Whether you’re a 1X, 2X, 3X, +,  choose items that show off your shape, which is most important with outerwear. There is nothing worse than looking like a hobo unless it’s Sunday and you’re binge watching Netflix like it’s your job. // By all means, hobo it up, My Fab. I’m right there with ya! //IMG_1931If you want to sport this look or a very similar look, feel free to ditch the shorts for some solid high-waisted denim of your choice. Please just make sure that the jacket, and I didn’t say cardigan or sweater I said jacket, that you’re wearing has shape to it. By all means, I love sporting men’s clothing and pulling it off in a chic way but this isn’t what we’re going for with this outfit. Try a structured jacket, leather is always rad or even a blazer. My favorite blazers aren’t your typical black or navy. You don’t need to look like you’re headed to your first job interview. My personal faves are structured blazers in funky, bright or pastel colors, and try experimenting with different fabrics and print as well.

LESSON #3: // NEVER. EVER. Under any circumstances, should we as women be sacrificing our silhouettes. We’ve been given a beautiful body, so we shouldn’t be covering it up with a garbage bag, or an oversized sweater just because it makes us feel “comfortable.” // Stay true to your size, no matter what that number may be. Treat the fit of your clothing as if it’s just as important as your child’s first name. After all, it kind of is…
I’ll wrap up the rambling and tell you this much, every woman has a duty to own at least one pair of nude heels or pumps. I know it may not be your style or you’re tall already, but we have no excuse. Like I said, we just need ONE pair. Pick a height that you feel comfortable with, I don’t want to be responsible for any sprained ankles here. Rounded toe or pointed, // patent leather, real leather, suede, etc. // it’s totally up to you. A nude heel is chic and feminine. Plus, they will elongate your legs, and go with everything in your closet. Forever 21 has a great pair of Faux Suede Pointed Pumps that are as comfortable as can be, and only $19.90! Perfect for every occasion, and the ideal height for all.

 So My Fabs, find it and flaunt it, // Just be sure to keep the rest under wraps. 


Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.53.27 PM

TOP: Cut Out Crop Top in Ivory, $19.90 from Forever 21

BOTTOMS: Buttoned-Strap Shorts in Cream,  $22.90 from Forever 21 similar here                                                                         

BLAZER: Tart Textured Blazer in Grey + White, available through Stitch Fix

 NECKLACES: Pixley Necklace in Gold, $34.00 from Stitch Fix + Turquoise Horn Necklace , $32.00 from Etsy

EARRINGS: Precious Metal Plated 3ct tw Cubic Zirconia Earrings in Gold Vermeith, $48.00 Nordstrom

SUNGLASSES: Chance” 62mm Metal Aviator Sunglasses in Brown/Gold, $12.00 from Nordstrom BP

SHOES: Faux Leather Pumps in Nude, $19.90 from Forever 21 

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